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Our Story

When Martin Moore chiselled out the first dovetail joint of his very first piece of furniture he, perhaps, wasn't aware he was founding one of the original English companies dedicated to producing hand crafted timber kitchens.

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It was 1975, and the kitchen market was dominated by modern German and Italian styles. Martin, a design engineer, and his wife Barbara had just returned to England from their extensive travels around the world. Having bought an old Victorian house in need of much renovation Martin set to work designing and making furniture that was perfect for their house and family life.

Good things grow, and before long the couple had turned their passion for furniture into a thriving business. Their appreciation of traditionally built British housing stock and empathy for the quintessential English lifestyle, resulted in designs that were perfectly suited to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Over forty two years later and we’re still a family business, with Richard and Michael Moore joining their parents at the helm. We’re proud that many of our loyal workforce – designers, cabinet makers, installation managers, fitters and painters alike – have been with us for decades. Each one takes an enormous pride in their work. People have come to know us for the quality of our materials, the reputation we've built since 1975, and our deep respect and passion for technical and aesthetic excellence. Put simply, our craftsmanship and service.

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