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Exceptional discounts marking 35 years of our hand painted kitchen

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We designed our very first hand painted kitchen in the summer of 1982 and to mark this landmark 35th anniversary we are offering an exceptional discount across all our hand painted furniture collections.

Launched in 1982, our hand painted kitchen defined the era, giving classic English furniture a fresh, new look.  The 80's were a bright, colourful time and many of the early kitchens reflected this, but the move into the 1990's saw elegant creams predominating. 

Touching on both their English heritage and the kitchen's transformation into a modern, multi-purpose living space, our hand painted kitchens have continued to evolve through successive collections.  They share though, the unique quality which hand painted finishes bring to furniture, emphasised by the fact that we  have always mixed our own paint colours and employed our own craftsmen painters.  

Over the decades, the way that the colour is used has also evolved: Nowadays it is often deployed to give visual definition to various zones in the kitchen and its linked spaces, from back kitchens to utility rooms. The colours too have changed significantly, the most popular being currently a contemporary palette of whites and pale neutrals emphasised with stronger, darker shades of blues and greys. A Martin Moore hand painted kitchen is the true definition of classic contemporary.

To secure your celebratory discount simply commission your Martin Moore kitchen before 30th September, 2017. Call 0845 180 0015 for more information or to arrange a design consultation. Alternatively visit one of our 7 UK showrooms.