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Northern Design Awards 2023 Finalist

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Martin Moore are delighted to be a finalist in the Northern Design Awards 2023. The awards bring together leading designers and architects to celebrate expertise and craftsmanship in the North of England.  The awards are judged by a panel of inspirational experts, drawn from the interiors industry. "Our panel is looking for the best of the best in Northern kitchen design" the organisers have stated. "Demonstrating unwavering commitment to innovation, the successful entries will be pushing the boundaries of what is possible in creating exceptional kitchen and dining experiences."

Founded in Cheshire in 1975, Martin Moore have still have their showroom and headquarters in Altrincham and workshops in Elland, Yorkshire. In these workshops, every element is handmade to order and traditionally custom-built to a masterly finish. 

The project shortlisted for the award is set within a beautiful 5-storey Georgian townhouse. The owners tasked us with creating a light, bright new space which was sympathetic to the style and heritage of the property, but which met the requirements of a modern, family-friendly kitchen/dining area. A generous central island and handcrafted dining table run in a continuous line down the middle of the room, giving the illusion of greater space. To one side of the central run, Martin Moore constructed a faux wall into which we installed a chimney breast and mantle, designed specifically to frame the range cooker. Stylish tall cabinets flank the cooking zone on both sides, providing much needed storage space including a capacious larder. 

Fitted and freestanding cabinetry from Martin Moore's New Classic collection was the perfect choice for the scheme. A contemporary take on a classic English architectural style it has an understand elegance that is perfectly in harmony with the property's Georgian roots. The green colour palette is also a nod to the Georgian era; we opted for three different shades of green to differentiate between the various zones of the kitchen.