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We are proud to Sponsor The Stamford Orchestra

Stamford Summer Poster


We are passionate about supporting and nurturing British craft and skills. It is an added bonus when the artisans or performers involved are local to our showrooms.

We are therefore proud to sponsor The Stamford Orchestra. Founded in 2015 by principal oboeist Andrew Pettitt and conductor Thomas Davey with the vision of bringing orchestral music of the highest standard to the people of South Trafford. It has already played a number of highly acclaimed concerts at Altrincham’s Market House.

Davey said: “We are aware of the difficulty of travelling in and out of Manchester late at night in order to hear high quality classical music so we decided to set up the area’s own orchestra. We are keen to stress to our audience that the Stamford Orchestra is their orchestra, in their local area – it gives them a great sense of ownership. The audience following we have achieved is quite breathtaking; ever since the Stamford Orchestra’s first concert in July 2015 we have achieved sell-out audiences.”

The orchestra, which is made up of members of the North West’s professional orchestras, has raised significant funds over the last two years for charity by donating ticket proceeds to MacMillan Cancer Support, UNICEF, Oxfam, Barnados, Syria Relief, Music for Kenya and Reverse Rett.