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As kitchens have increasingly become both the functional and social hub of modern living, so we have all had to learn to multi-task in even the most carefully zoned areas. But where there is space to create the ultimate, the new must-have is a "back kitchen".

A back kitchen is definitively not a utility room; rather, it's a modern take on the scullery traditionally found in large period houses. Today, it's a purpose-designed space where busy cooks can delegate prepping tasks, store less frequently used china and glass, keep wine ready for guests and house back-up appliances such as an extra dishwasher and freezer. Ideal for people who entertain regularly, it keeps the main kitchen area uncluttered - even in the midst of a great party.

Martin Moore is increasingly often being asked to incorporate back kitchens into their bespoke designs. The back kitchen shown here, hand painted in a smart dark grey, features a butler's sink and pot filler tap perfect for flower arranging, a large wine cooler and a capacious china cupboard.