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Other Rooms


Our ever-busier lives, and our growing passion for cooking and entertaining on a large scale, means it is crucial to have a place to store all the nec...

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Utility Rooms

A utility room is the ideal place to perform day-to-day tasks that would otherwise create mess and clutter in other parts of the house, primarily the ...

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Boot Rooms

From cleaning muddy shoes and drying wet pets to storage of coats, hats, shoes and umbrellas, a boot room is a hardworking, multi-purpose space that b...

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Laundry Rooms

A significant amount of time can be spent doing laundry, so it is important to create a stylish, calm space. Consider hiding laundry appliances behind...

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Back Kitchens

A back kitchen is definitely not a utility room but rather it is a modern take on the traditional scullery. It is a purpose-designed space where busy ...

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Home Bars

We are often asked to design bars, either within a kitchen or in another part of the house. Beautiful materials, custom-made storage and comfort are k...

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