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Laundry Rooms

A significant amount of time can be spent doing laundry, so it is important to create a stylish, calm space. Consider hiding laundry appliances behind cabinet doors and how the furniture harmonises with the kitchen. Bold pops of colour can add visual interest and complement the kitchen.

Alongside accommodating laundry appliances, the laundry room has to house ironing boards, steamers, airing cupboards, hanging racks and cleaning products. If possible, we would recommend siting a laundry room upstairs near the bedrooms and dressings room to negate the need to carry laundry through the house and kitchen.

A luxury laundry room should be sophisticated as well as practical. Utilise wall space with eye-catching open shelving and hooks to hang essentials. Stay organised with wicker storage baskets and include a clothesmaid to air dry laundry and for visual effect. Let Martin Moore design and create your ideal laundry room. Speak to one of our design consultants today.