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Entertaining in Style

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There is nothing more important than a sense of relaxed elegance when it comes to entertaining at home. A well-designed kitchen, practical and beautiful tableware and easy-to-prepare dishes are the key ingredients.   We have teamed up with Homes & Gardens magazine, Sophie Conran and Portmeirion to share our expert knowledge and tips for entertaining in style. “It’s all about rustling up simple dishes in the company of those I love and serving them in beautiful oven-to-tableware, on a thoughtfully laid table”, says Sophie Conran.  “A large island that I can use for preparation, and were guests can chat while I work, is ideal”.

Richard Moore continues, "whether catering for an intimate dinner, a relaxed and casual supper for a group of friends or a party on a large scale, our designers recognise the need for a kitchen with entertaining very much at its heart."  Plenty of storage is a must in a busy kitchen, ensuring everything is within easy reach yet surfaces are clutter free. A Martin Moore Appliance Cupboard, with drawers for cutlery and table linen and shelves for china and glassware, also features a preparation zone with microwave and mixer ready for use. We can help you make the most of every inch of space by creating a useful “back kitchen” or “butler’s pantry”, providing more preparation areas, storage for serving dishes and a large soaking sink and spray tap to make light work of washing up. It’s also the ideal place to stash the dirty dishes out of sight of the main entertaining area, while an extra dishwasher and drinks fridge in here will help you cater for a crowd with ease.

Discover our entertaining secrets for yourself at an exclusive event offering cookery and design inspiration with Sophie Conran, Portmeirion and Richard Moore at our London and Tunbridge Wells showrooms.  For more details and to book visit our “Entertaining Secrets” event page.