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Purchasing a Bespoke Luxury Kitchen

Everything you need to know – from Inspiration to Installation

Creating your dream kitchen should be an exciting and enjoyable project … if you surround yourself with the right people – a team of expert luxury designers and experienced contractors. These people will make sure you take everything into account when designing your luxury kitchen, from making the most of the space to providing inspiration to turn ideas into reality and ensuring you get the high-quality finish you desire.

Truly bespoke furniture will be in harmony with the space, regardless of the size of the room, because it will be designed specifically for the room. Freed from restrictions of standard sizes, the cabinetry can be exactly the height, width and depth needed and can be built around the architecture of the room to make the most of available space.

No two families are the same, every project is a bespoke solution to suit the clients’ requirements and lifestyle. Think about the lifestyle of everyone who is going to use the kitchen. Is it mainly for cooking or is it part of a large social space with informal seating and dining in which case you will want a luxury kitchen company whose style can follow through into adjacent areas.

Consider the architecture of the house and choose a company whose furniture is appropriate, one who has experience in designing specifically for British housing stock. Do you want to make an individual statement, for instance taking architectural cues from the building? If so a bespoke kitchen designer can incorporate details into the cupboards such as chamfered edges, coving, panelled doors and other individually designed elements.